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Candice Agree

Candice AgreeCandice has spent 25+ years on the New York and Washington, D.C. airwaves, most notably at 96.3FM WQXR, 104 WNCN-FM and WETA-FM.

She’s hosted broadcasts from Instituto Cervantes New York, the Kosciuszko Foundation, and the Bronx Botanical Gardens, and she’s served as broadcast announcer for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, UBS-Verbier Festival Orchestra, and Music from Trinity Church Wall Street, among others. Candice produces and hosts The Spanish Hour with Candice Agree.

In television, Candice has been an off-camera program announcer at CBS News since 1999, and she currently serves as promo and off-camera announcer for CBS News Sunday Morning, hosted by Charles Osgood. Candice’s voice is heard from coast to coast on museum audio guides, industrials, documentaries, audio books, and literally thousands of radio and television commercials and promos.

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