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Public Radio Music Month

PUBLIC RADIO MUSIC MONTH is a nationwide initiative connecting local public radio stations, artists and audiences across the country.

Local public radio stations, like WDAV, play an integral role in promoting innovative and traditional music genres. We are especially proud of the part we have played in encouraging new talent and giving emerging artists an opportunity to be heard. We also contribute to the local music economy by sustaining and growing the careers of musicians and connecting them to local listeners.

Facts you may not know about public radio’s contribution to our music culture:

• Nationally, more than 180 public radio stations have full?time music formats; another 661 stations play music as part of their daily programming.

• Public radio stations air more than 5 million hours of music each year, most of which is local programming.

• Nearly 90% of all classical radio stations are public radio stations and in hundreds of communities across the country, public radio is the only source of free broadcast classical music.

• Without public radio, many regional and national music treasures (e.g. jazz, folk, zydeco) would be in jeopardy.

• Public radio partners with local music venues, orchestras and other organizations to amplify the impact of performances by broadcasting them to local communities.

• Most artists featured on public radio are essentially small businesses, employing other musicians and technicians, and helping to boost the local economy.

• Public radio supports the music economy by introducing new artists and promoting and broadcasting performances at local venues and festivals.

Listen to our featured Public Radio Music Month content:

Public Radio Music Month at WDAV by WDAV

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