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O Beautiful! American Music: A July Fourth Special
Sun, 6 p.m.
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July 4, 2010
O Beautiful! American Music

The Western Wind, America's longest running professional vocal ensemble has created a collection of vibrant new works for voices. O Beautiful! American Music presents music by Meredith Monk, William Bolcom, Tania Leon, Matthew Harris, Eric Salzman, Robert Dennis, Billy Joel, Elliot Z. Levine and Gayla Morgan. Interviews with the composers and arrangers are woven into the show. The title is taken from Gayla Morgan's brilliant pastiche of "America the Beautiful" and "Rte.66" with an allusion to "I Like to be in America" from West Side Story. It captures the exuberance and inclusiveness of our time.
Originally produced for PRI and distributed in June 2008.


  1. O Beautiful! Rte 66, arr. by Gayla Morgan
  2. Late Show/Maternity Ward by William Bolcom
  3. O Western Wind by Robert Dennis
  4. Mexico Fellaheen by Ronald Gold
  5. i thank You God by Elliot Z. Levine
  6. Sweet And Low by Matthew Harris
  7. Canto from Batey by Tania Leon & Michel Camilo
  8. And So It Goes by Billy Joel, arr. Y. Matsuoka
  9. Basket Rondo (excerpt) by Meredith Monk
  10. You are All That is Left of Me by Eric Salzman
Listen to the entire program:

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