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Biscuits and Bach
Sundays, 7 - 11 a.m.
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Rachel StewartBiscuits & Bach is a four-hour program hosted by Rachel Stewart and featuring music from the Renaissance to the Baroque and beyond. Rachel welcomes the occasional guest and shares a recipe or two. It's food for the soul and soul food on a Sunday morning.

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August 17, 2014
Biscuits and Bach
bb-bach-notebook-cdMost Bach fans are familiar with the Anna Magdalena Notebook compiled by Bach's second wife for the purpose of instructing their children in music. But there is also a Wilhelm Friedemann Bach notebook put together by Bach for his eldest son by his first wife, Maria Barbara. Bach apparently took great care in training his talented son for a life in music. We hear selections from the notebook as recorded by German-American pianist Wolfgang Rubsam on a 1995 Naxos recording. And we talk to food writer and Appalachian foodways expert, Fred Sauceman, about the culinary heritage of our region.  It involves pigs, corn and pot likker.

Purchase featured CD: Bach: From the W.F. Bach Notebook

>> About Fred Sauceman

August 10, 2014
Biscuits and Bach
concerto-copenhagenIn 1991, a previously unknown collection of music was discovered at Aalholm Hall on the island of Lolland in Denmark. Over 200 works by the likes of Vivaldi and Haydn had remained hidden from the world for 200 years. In 1993, Concerto Copenhagen, under the direction of Andrew Manze, recorded four works from this astonishing collection for the Chandos label. We feature the resulting album, "Flute Concertos by Scheibe, Agrell & Hasse" this week. 

And Rachel Stewart talks with food writer Debbie Moose about a few of the fifty million ways to make potato salad. 

Purchase featured CD: Flute Concertos by Scheibe, Agrell & Hasse

Cookbook Details: 
Buy Potato Salad: 65 Recipes from Classic to Cool
About Debbie Moose

August 3, 2014
Biscuits and Bach

CD Recorder SonatasIf you’re a fan of baroque chamber music or the recorder, you’re in for a treat this week. We feature the 1988 album from the Boston-based label, Titanic: 18th-century Recorder Sonatas with Marion Verbruggen, recorderJohn Gibbons, harpsichord and Christina Mahler, cello. The disc has selections from greats like Telemann, Bach and Corelli as well as lesser known composers such as Jean-Baptiste Loeillet.

And Rachel talks with Dr. Tom Hanchett, Staff Historian of the Levine Museum of the New South, about several books on Southern food he’s recently discovered.

Tom Hanchett web sites:
Tom Hanchett's Food From Home

Tom  Hanchett’s recommended books:
The Larder: Food Studies Methods from the American South, ed. John T. Edge, Elizabeth Englehardt and Ted Ownby.
The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Vol. 7: Foodways, ed. John T. Edge
Three Squares: The Invention of the American Meal, Abigail Carroll
Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time, Adrian Miller

Program Audio: Biscuit Chat with Tom Hanchett
July 27, 2014
Biscuits and Bach

CD GoodwinTwenty years ago Paul Goodwin was one of England's top oboists before he gave up performing as a soloist and turned to conducting full time. This week we take a listen to one of his best recordings as an oboist, Bach-Telemann: Oboe & Oboe d'amore Concertos. The Bach works on this album are reconstructions as no manuscript for a Bach oboe concerto exists.

And Rachel Stewart talks worth conductor JoAnn Falletta about eating in the various cities where she works -- Buffalo, Norfolk and Belfast -- not to mention Brevard, NC, where she participates in the Brevard Music Festival each summer.

Program Audio: Biscuit Chat with JoAnn Falletta

July 20, 2014
Biscuits and Bach

CD Bach Flute SonataThe fortepiano was invented near the end of Bach’s life, and the great composer was invited to play one of the new  instruments at the Court of Frederick the Great. Scholars believe one of Bach’s flute sonatas was written with the fortepiano in mind, and using that as a starting point, flutist Susan Rotholtz and keyboard master Kenneth Cooper recorded an album in 2002 of Bach flute sonatas using a fortepiano. It’s our featured disc this week. 

And Frank Dominguez talks with Susan and Steve Talley who are the organist and music ministry director respectively of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Charlotte. They discuss what it’s like to be a church musician and how that impacts the first meal of the day.

Purchase Featured CD: Bach: Sonatas For Flute And Fortepiano, Etc /Rotholz, Cooper

Program Audio: Biscuit Chat: Susan and Steve Talley

July 13, 2014
Biscuits and Bach

CD Trumpet VoluntaryIn Bach’s time and before organs were used in both sacred and secular settings much more than today. This week we feature a 1992 release on Decca’s old sub-label, Argo, called Trumpet Voluntary – Music for Organ and Brass which boasts familiar and not so familiar baroque pieces arranged for brass and organ. These types of arrangements were ubiquitous in the 17th and 18th centuries. Peter Hurford, who at 83 is still considered one of the world’s top organists, plays the organ of Ratzeburg Cathedral, Germany, and he teams up with The Michael Laird Brass Ensemble for performances that are sure to please the ear.

Joining Rachel to talk about food this week is Brian Sonoskus, Executive Chef at Tupelo Honey Café. The restaurant has a new cookbook out that celebrates food traditions of the mountain south. Ramps anyone?

Cookbook Details: Tupelo Honey Café: New Southern Flavors from the Blue Ridge Mountains

Purchase Featured CD: Trumpet Voluntary - Music For Organ And Brass / Hurford

Program audio: Biscuit Chat: Brian Sonoskus

July 6, 2014
Biscuits and Bach

CD FarinelliThe closest thing to a music superstar in the early 18th century was Carlo Broschi, better known as Farinelli, the Italian castrato who eventually settled in Madrid and became Spain's leading music impresario and court musician to the kings of Spain. Farinelli put Spain on the map musically and gave gifted Italian, German and Spanish composers a new stage for their music. He also introduced Spanish musicians to the rest of Europe.

Spanish conductor, Pablo Heras-Casado has assembled a collection of works associated with Farinelli on the new Arkiv Produktion album called, El Maestro - Farinelli, which he performs with Concerto Cologne. We'll sample several tracks this week including a composition by Farinelli's mentor, Nicola Porpora.

Purchase featured album: El Maestro Farinelli / Pablo Heras-Casado

June 29, 2014
Biscuits and Bach

PurcellThis week on Biscuits and Bach, we feature "A Purcell Collection," a new album from the British vocal ensemble VOCES8 and the instrumental ensemble, Les Inventions

The album is comprised of selections from both the sacred and theatrical output of Henry Purcell. A veritable stroll through the world of one of England’s greatest composers.

June 22, 2014
Biscuits and Bach
Biscuits and Bach-Cd-itialian-voyageJohann Sebastian Bach made a point of studying the Italian high baroque masters and adopted certain elements of their style. Composers like Vivaldi, Torelli and Corelli all had an influence on him. This week's featured album, "The Italian Voyage," sandwiches the music of these composers and more between two Bach arias which show his love of the Italians and their music.

And in keeping with the Italian theme, Rachel talks with Anne Akiko Meyers about her latest recording of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons." It's her first recording with her recently acquired Vieuxtemps Guarneri del Jesu violin.

Purchase Featured CD: The Italian Voyage/ Maryland Bach Aria Group
Program Audio: Biscuit Chat with Anne Akiko Meyers
June 15, 2014
Biscuits and Bach
CD BoyceEnglish composer William Boyce was a younger contemporary of Handel who reached his greatest professional success when he became the Master of the King's Music in 1755. He's remembered for church music and his forward looking Eight Symphonies, Op. 2. This week we feature the 2005 recording of these symphonies by Toronto's Aradia Ensemble led by Kevin Mallon.

And we conclude our three part conversation about North Carolina barbecue with Bob Garner who explains this special food's cultural significance in our state.

Purchase Featured CD: Boyce: Eight Symphonies, Op 2 / Mallon, Aradia Ensemble

Bob Garner's Book: 
Bob Garner's Book of Barbecue: North Carolina's Favorite Food

June 8, 2014
Biscuits and Bach
CD AmorosiIn the 16th century, four Flemish composers made their mark on the Habsburg Court. Some of their work even anticipated the madrigals of Monteverdi. The vocal ensemble Cinquecento brings their beautiful songs to life on the new album, "Amorosi pensieri, Songs for the Habsburg Court." We'll hear a number of tracks from the album and continue our conversation with Bob Garner about North Carolina barbecue.

Purchase Featured CD: Amorosi Pensieri / Cinquecento

Bob Garner's Book of Barbecue: North Carolina's Favorite Food

June 1, 2014
Biscuits and Bach

CD Andre Trumpet and OrganThis week we enjoy the artistry of one of the 20th century's great musicians, the late legendary trumpeter Maurice André. We'll sample his album "Trumpet and Organ" which was released in 1978 and has seen a couple of CD reissues since then.

And Rachel has the first in a series of conversations with writer and barbecue expert Bob Garner. They'll talk about the origins of North Carolina barbecue traditions and the regional differences in the way it's prepared. Learn why barbecue is arguably North Carolina's favorite food.

Purchase Featured CD: Trumpet & Organ / Maurice André, Jane Parker-Smith

Program Audio: Biscuit Chat with Bob Garner

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