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Ways to Give to WDAV

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Your tax-deductible contribution will help sustain and strengthen the vital community service that WDAV provides. Gifts to WDAV can be made in a number of ways:

Cash Gifts
A cash gift, represented by check or credit card, can be made in one lump payment or as a series of payments made throughout the year. This gift can be made through the mail, by phone or online. Checks should be made payable to Davidson College - WDAV and mailed to WDAV, Box 8990, Davidson, NC 28035-8990. Gifts can be made by phone by calling 877-333-8990.

Stocks, Securities, Real Estate
If you give WDAV appreciated property that you have owned for more than a year, such as Stocks, Securities, and Real Estate, you can deduct the full fair market value of the gift from your income taxes, without paying the capital gains tax or brokerage commission you’d have to pay if you sold the property and gave WDAV the proceeds. Stocks, securites, and real estate transfers can be taken care of easily by contacting WDAV and speaking with our Rodger Clark in our development office. He can be reached at 704-894-2981 or roclark@wdav.orgMore info 

Donate Your Vehicle
Do you have a vehicle that you’re thinking of trading in or that you simply don’t drive any longer? You can support WDAV 89.9 by donating your used car, motorcycle, RV, or boat. Just call toll free 1-866-900-WDAV (1-866-900-9328) information and to schedule a pickup that’s convenient for you. More info

Planned Gifts
Many members say they wish they could give more to WDAV 89.9 but they’re on a fixed income and cannot afford to give more than they already are giving. Planned gifts in particular allow many donors to provide support at a level higher than would otherwise be possible, even while receiving income for life and tax benefits. WDAV can assist you with legal and tax counsel to help you understand how to make planned gifts through wills, trusts, and gift annuities in order to determine which is best for you. For more information about your options in making a planned gift, please click here or contact Rodger Clark in our development office at 704-894-2981 or roclark@wdav.org.
If you have already included WDAV 89.9 in your estate plans, please let us know by contacting Rodger Clark at 704-894-2981 or roclark@wdav.org. We would enjoy the opportunity to thank you and would like to make sure your intentions are carried out properly.

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Donate/Renew Now

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